Renaissance Suzhou Taihu Lake Hotel

6 Shuli Road, Suzhou Taihu National Toursim Vacation Zone , Ph:+8651265696666, Fax:+8651265691111


It’s Business Unusual at Renaissance Hotel. Hearing melodies from the night fisherman, roaming around tea plantations while admiring the sunset glow, experience the authentic Suzhou Arts of Living; with water melting into the sky, Renaissance Taihu Lake Hotel creates “Jiangnan Dream” – a relaxing and pleasant journey for you!

Restaurants & Bars

Food Studio (Renaissance Suzhou Taihu Lake)

Food Studio is not only offers signature Pizzas but also provides a variety of...

Rbar (Renaissance Suzhou Taihu Lake)

R Bar is a lounge for dinning and entertainment, it's also a reasting place for guest...

Wuxing (Renaissance Suzhou Taihu Lake)

The Wuxing restaurant is named from Golden Wood Water Fire Earth. It's a Japanese...

Wan Li Restaurant (Renaissance Suzhou Taihu Lake)

Restaurant theme colored in black white and bule. Distinctive classical gardens of...

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