Club Marriott Members Only Special Dinner

Join us this spring at Mai for an authentic Japanese culinary journey. 
Indulge in a limited kaiseki dinner course crafted with only the freshest seasonal ingredients hand-picked from Japan's oceans and mountains, all perfectly paried with 5 kinds of renowned free-flowing Japanese sake, including Daina Junmai Gingyo and Hidakami Junmai. 


<Sample Menu>
- Assorted Delicacies: 9 kinds
- Sashimi: 9 kinds
- Grilled Dish: grilled seasonal fish
- Meat Dish: Sirloin steak with Japanese style sauce 
- Simmered Dish or Fried Dish
- Seasonal Rice Dish or 3 Kinds of Sushi
- Dessert
- Free-flowing Japanese Sake: 5 kinds 
・Nikka Taketsuru / Kakurei / Daina / Hidakami / Kikuyoi

Date: March 1 (Fri) - March 31, 2019 (Sun)
Time: from 5:30pm
Price: 11,500JPY per person    (consumption tax and service charge excluded)

*Availability is subject to change depending upon market condition.
*Discount or any other privileges are not applicable.

For reservation, please contact Japanese Restaurant Mai (03-5423-7781)





Offer Validity : March 1 (Fri) - March 31, 2019 (Sun)

Offer applicable at

1-4-1 Mita Ph: +81354237000
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