Celestial Court Chinese Restaurant (Sheraton Hong Kong Hotel & Towers)

20 Nathan Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong , Ph:+852 2369 1111, Fax:+852 2739 8707


Fine Chinese cuisine is elevated to new heights at Sheraton Hong Kong’s Celestial Court. Located on the second level, it is an idyllic setting for everything from a leisurely dim sum lunch to a romantic dinner to a grand banquet gathering. 

Tastefully decorated with warm burl wood panels and luxurious raw silk wall coverings, Celestial Court exemplifies Oriental sophistication. The atmosphere is enhanced with traditional Chinese paintings and cultural artifacts, to provide a feast for the eyes as well as the palette. With a spacious open dining area and comfortably well-spaced tables, the restaurant also has a number of secluded dining rooms for guests to celebrate a special occasion with privacy.

Master Chef Jack Chan presides over his kitchen with innovation and flair honed from more than 25 years of culinary experience. His award-winning creations have secured Celestial Court’s reputation as an enclave of exquisite Chinese dining, as he is constantly striving for distinctive ways to combine ingredients. 

Seasonal menus offer a selection of authentic Cantonese dishes and succulent seafood sure to tempt any devoted fan of excellent Chinese fare. Award-winning dim sums are lovingly hand-prepared to be a delight for all the senses, balancing flavors, textures and presentation to please all lovers of gourmet dining. Rounding out all meals is a wide selection of teas, prepared in a traditional Chinese method to bring out its delicate fragrance and flavors.

Sheraton Hong Kong Hotel & Towers
Operating Hours
Monday to Saturday 11:30AM - 03:00PM, Sunday & Public Holiday 10:30AM - 03:00PM, Dinner 06:00PM - 11:00PM
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