Feast signature Restaurant (Sheraton Grand Wuhan Hankou Hotel)

No.80 Fanhu Road, Jianghan District , Ph:+862783738888, Fax:+862783739999


A warm and inviting dining destination, Feast is the perfect place for a casual meal anytime of day. Chef Jacky Zeng and his team take a modern approach to Asian and international cuisine, while honoring the Five Elements tradition in a well-balanced buffet. Metals are represented by western cuisine, and wood symbolizes regional Chinese food, while seafood, like our popular soy-glazed black cod, and cold appetizers, such as our tomato and tofu Caprese salad, signify water. Earth is characterized by bread and dessert, and the grill station in the lively open kitchen embodies fire.

Sheraton Grand Wuhan Hankou Hotel
Operating Hours
Breakfast 06:30AM - 10:00AM; Lunch 11:30AM - 02:30PM(weekend only); Dinner 05:30PM - 09:30PM
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