Grill&Dining G (Lake Biwa Marriott Hotel)

2876, Jukkenya,Imahama-cho,Moriyama-shi,Shiga, Japan , Ph:+81775856100, Fax:+81775842100


Guests can enjoy Omi-gyu beef and other local ingredients with grilled cuisine prepared in Marriott's own dynamic cooking style at Grill&Dining G,an all-day restaurant located on the top floor of the hotel. The luzury of enjoying freshly prepared cuisine straight from the open kitchen in this interior,which expresses the magnitude and stillness of Lake Biwa,is a unique time relaxing.

Lake Biwa Marriott Hotel
Operating Hours
Breakfast 07.30AM - 11.00AM ( weekday), 07.00AM - 11.00AM ( weekend/holidays); Lunch 11.00AM - 02.30PM; Dinner 05.30PM - 11.00PM
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