Lanting Chinese Restaurant (The Azure Qiantang, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Hangzhou)

39 East Wang Jiang Road, Shangcheng  District, Hangzhou 310008, Zhejiang Province, China , Ph:+86 571 28237777, Fax:+86 571 2823 9999


For global travelers seeking to unlock the authentic flavors of the Hangzhou, The Azure Qiantang introduces Lan Ting Chinese Restaurant and its vast variety of local Chinese cuisine and signature dishes. Reflecting the “five waters” elements of River, Canal, Lake, Ocean and Streams that surround Hangzhou, mouthwatering delights such as Tangxi Canal Bean Paste Cake, Pan-fried West Lake lotus root cake, HuadiaoShaoxing Yellow Wine steamed East Sea Sanmen Crab, Garlic Braised QingjiangEel and Jiuxi Stream Longjing Shrimp are a testament to the thousand-year gourmet tradition of the city. 

The Azure Qiantang, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Hangzhou
Operating Hours
Lunch 11:30AM - 02:30PM; Dinner 05:30PM - 10:00PM
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