Mai (The Westin Tokyo)

1-4-1 Mita , Ph:+81354237000, Fax:+81354237600


Guests will not want to miss the essence and artistry of traditional Japan at Mai at The Westin Tokyo, a purveyor of the finest, freshest sushi and sashimi, in addition to scrumptious tempura and a range of innovative kaiseki dishes. Mai also features a superb selection of Japanese shochu and sake. Mai, located on the hotel's second floor, offers dining arrangements to suit all types of parties and occasions. Sit together at the elegant sushi bar, in our main dining area's table seating, or at a private sushi counter seating two to four persons while delighting in the artistic and enticing kaiseki bento.

Five other private dining settings include a small table and chairs to seat six, a traditional Japanese Tatami Mat-style room decorated in subtle tones of beige and wood ideal for betrothal ceremonies or business luncheons or dinners of up to six guests, and a large private room to seat from 20 to 30 guests at Western-style tables and chairs.

Regardless of the number of guests, many or few, Mai will present exquisite Japanese haute cuisine of kaiseki, sushi, sashimi, and tempura, the best of its kind in Tokyo.

On weekday afternoons, you're invited to enjoy the soothing experience of Japanese Afternoon Tea, served with sweet cakes and traditional tea cake (no other restaurant meal service is available during this time).

The Westin Tokyo
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Breakfast 07.00AM - 10.00AM (Weekends & Holidays); Lunch 11.30AM - 04.30PM (Weekdays) 11.30AM - 03.00PM (Weekends & Holidays); Dinner 05.30PM - 09.30PM
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