Maihama Teppanyaki+ (Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay Hotel)

1-9 Maihama, Urayasu, Chiba, Japan , Ph:+81473555555, Fax:+81473555566


Enjoy scrumptious traditional teppanyaki in a chic setting at Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay Hotel’s very own Japanese grill restaurant, Maihama Teppanyaki+.

At our teppanyaki grill lunch buffet, handpick your meat, seafood, vegetables, and other fresh ingredients and watch our chefs prepare the savory dishes at their open-grills right in front of your eyes. Soak up the tantalizing sight, sound, and scent of the ingredients as they sizzle on the grill and taste the juicy delicacies once they are charred to perfection.

Dinner also includes the finest of local ingredients of Chiba Prefecture, complete with the culinary expertise of our chefs. Take a seat overlooking our scenic garden and indulge in the freshly-cooked dishes at your own pace.

Visit Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay Hotel’s Maihama Teppanyaki+ for your exquisite grill indulgence.

Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay Hotel
Operating Hours
Dinner 05.30PM - 11.00PM (Last call 10.00PM)
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