Unkai Japanese Cuisine (Sheraton Hong Kong Hotel & Towers)

20 Nathan Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong , Ph:+852 2369 1111, Fax:+852 2739 8707


Serene and tranquil, Unkai is a small oasis in the midst of Hong Kong’s hustle and bustle, where you can savor authentic Osaka cuisine within stylish comforts. Whether you prefer the smoky flavor of teppan grilled meats, the succulence of sushi or a sip of aged sake, the restaurant will transport you to the Land of the Rising Sun.

The soul of Unkai is a granite sculpture encasing elegant bamboo. Located in the center of the restaurant, it boldly establishes a focal point. Discreet lighting creates a romantic tone throughout the interiors; this is enhanced with materials such as sandstone, marble, and combed concrete to produce a contemporary Japanese aesthetic. 

From the granite sculpture, the restaurant is divided into six main dining areas radiating outwards—open teppan, private teppan room, sushi and sake bar, three private rooms, main dining area and tatami room. Each offers a distinct ambience. At the entrance, guests are greeted with a striking glass sake display case. The stunning collection offers one of the most comprehensive ranges of fine quality sake in Hong Kong. 

No matter if you have an intimate treats planned with someone special, a business or a family dinner to host, Unkai has the perfect combination of exquisite dishes and sophisticated atmosphere to make it a memorable evening for all your senses.

Sheraton Hong Kong Hotel & Towers
Operating Hours
Lunch: 12:00PM - 02:30PM(Daily); Dinner: 06:30PM - 10:30PM(Daily)
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